"Best clinic Justice has been to bar none. Thank you for all you do. Empowering the girls as catchers and young women is a game changer, especially for my daughter. –John L. 

My experience at this clinic was amazing. I had fun and learned new drills and new skills. I learned catching IQ and how to get used to thinking quick. We had fun by using cool methods of learning and we took things to a literal point. Like catching eggs. She teaches you easy ways to remember what to do and how to get better at what you think you need to work on without pushing you too hard. Coach Lex is amazing. –Erica, 13 years old

My 13 year old daughter has only been catching for a little over a year. She attended Lex Hull’ s catching clinic in Louisville and had an absolute blast! She said that Lex made her feel like she was a part of something and makes her want to continue catching. Although she is tough on the girls and has high expectations, she coaches in a way that inspires the girls in individual ways. We will continue attending LH catching events any time they are near! I am so lucky to have Lex as such an amazing role model for my daughter. –Brittney I. 

Just wanted to say thanks on a great and well planned out catcher's clinic. Casey has attended the last 2 in Louisville along with taking lessons from Lex during the summer. Lex, you take great pride in your teaching and set high standards and personal interests in each player and I thank you for taking the extra time to have the talks with Casey over the summer. She has totally benefited from your clinics and lessons and can't wait to get back in lessons with you. – Mike K.

My 12 year old daughter attended the catching clinic offered by Lex Hull in Louisville on December 7th. Overall, the organization was awesome and included an itinerary and a key points handout for parents and campers. Lex and her staff were awesome in working with each and every girl during the drills. Aiden, my daughter, looks forward to every opportunity to work with Lex. –William S. 

We attended the Advanced catcher’s camp and could not be more pleased. Truly advanced level training. Fast paced without being rushed with emphasis on the “little things” that can make a good catcher become great. Very personable and approachable coaches who made a hard afternoon of work fun for the girls. Comprehensive instruction, from full range warm up to speaking up/communicating with your team and umpires. Aggressive playmaking with focus on avoiding injury. Framing and blocking drills. Worth every penny and will go again next year.  –Amy Jackson

My daughter Lilly had a blast, Lex Hull is awesome with the kids, and teaches them not just softball, but how to be strong, empowered young ladies on and off the field! Come ready to work and have fun at the same time! –Justin H. 

My daughter just attended Lex’s clinic in Louisville and it was a top notch event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be challenged and learn something new."

- Adam B. Louisville, KY


" We had Lex for a small clinic in November for all of our catchers in our organization (Foster’s Pride). We all loved having her. The girls left knowing lots of new things to work on that I know will help them succeed. Thank you Lex for working with our girls to make them better catchers and better athletes. Can’t wait to have you back. "

Fort Payne, AL Catching Clinic

"It was a great clinic! Thanks for coming to Texas!"

Misty Ford | TX Catching Clinic

"Great clinic!! MK learned a lot and we will definitely be back next time you roll through!!"

Beth Barnes | TX Catching Clinic

"You were fabulous and commanded the best out of every one of those kids. Thanks for a fantastic clinic!"

Denise Walters | TX Catching Clinic

"Tremendous clinic! Enjoyed you teaching not just the physical aspects of the game but the mental as well! Would definitely do a follow up clinic. Best of luck!"

Sally Smeltz | PA Catching Clinic

"Awesome clinic! Thank you so much! You taught the girls about how important their role is in the game, how important it is to take time a stretch with effective stretching exercises, how important it is to respect the pitcher and the umpire, tagging, and protecting/blocking the plate to avoid injuries."

Eryn Sinko | PA Catching Clinic

"Great catching clinic showing the girls the essentials of how to be a leader on the field. "

Brian Bledsoe | PA Catching Clinic

"Loved it ! Only downfall is it’s only 3 hours, wish it could happen for a few hours every few weeks! Great instruction and knowledge ! "

Kim Hill| PA Catching Clinic